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 We ask for more legendary/unique items.

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PostSubject: We ask for more legendary/unique items.   Mon Aug 30 2010, 19:35

Long time ago I made an AA focusing in Short Bows. There's still no special short bows so I ask for like short bow version of hellion's fury.

Battle Axe, Katana, Handaxe, Scythe.

Quote :
Death's Hand

Damage Bonus: 15 Divine
Damage Bonus : 15 Positive
Damage Bonus : 15 Negative
Damage Bonus : 15 Magic
Enchantment bonus +13
Wounding Whispers Unlimited x/day
True Seeing 3x/day
On Hit: Unique Power make it hit like Prismatic Blade. I just love what you did with it Cool

a nice battle axe like this scythe right here

Basically any weapon with base multiplier x3 should have few damage bonuses as players could make use of criticals because you refuse to remove physical immunities from monsters. which pretty much makes critical hits useless and not needed.

Some offhand for a caster, preferably customizable at wizard's tower in d13 pirate island. or at misty's shop. The higher caster lvl/and/or/ higher boss killed. the better upgrades could be. Make it even cost money for what i care. Money is easily obtainable.
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We ask for more legendary/unique items.
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