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 Torc of Rage, weak?

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Torc of Rage, weak? Empty
PostSubject: Torc of Rage, weak?   Torc of Rage, weak? Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14 2010, 11:00

The desription should be changed from 'makeing barbarian immune to mind effecting', to slightly resistance, +6 save vs mind sffecting spells , thus not making you immune just resistent to mind efecting and for me ill still drink a clarity potion just incase I roll a one.
beside the other bonus of +10 vs lawfull that maybey half enemies it works against.

About the only thing this is good for whould be +10 regenerate

Why not give it an on use power up like the potion of heroism one per day?

Or simpley give the barbarian mind immune, I play barbarian so I don't have to spend a half an hour buffing.

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Torc of Rage, weak?
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