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 Potions of Death

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PostSubject: Potions of Death   Thu Mar 03 2011, 04:28

I THINK those potions are supposed to be healing for Pale Masters, but not really sure. I'd like to be able to use potions of death as a grenade-like weapon, so it has a chance of doing Harm on hit: "Here, catch this!" "oops, sorry 'bout that, are you feeling ok? You are, well, we'll just fix that" -various thuds and stabbity noises- .... much quieter later
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El Gabardine

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PostSubject: Re: Potions of Death   Thu Mar 03 2011, 12:45

lol nice Smile Yes they are healing for PM's but not for summons such as mummy or undead in general, only works on self . . .so if not a PM I wouldn't advise imbibing this concoction !
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Potions of Death
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