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 crafting explanation

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PostSubject: crafting explanation   Sat Sep 13 2008, 11:19

Can anyone shed some light on crafting and the items you can make?

How many times can you add a gem to an item such as a weapon?

Is success on a weapon always 2D12 or whatever it is a forget what I got the one time I tried it?

IF the damage increase varies for is the max at any one crafting attempt?

IS there a difference if you are trying to craft with a base weapon as opposed to one that has an enchancement bonus already on it?

IF you fail do you damage or lose the weapon?

Inquirng minds want to know. Shocked
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: crafting explanation   Sat Sep 13 2008, 14:02

Your crafting skill is only used to determine the probability of success. It doesn't destroy the weapon if you fail, nor does it allow you to make better weapons. The chance of failure is low at the start but goes up substantially at higher levels. For example, a level 60 character with no crafting skill creates weapons with the same damage bonuses as a level 60 with crafting. However, the level 60 with no skill better have plenty of gems to spare, because it wouldn't be unusual to use 5 gems before one succeeds.

As for adding additional gems, there's a limit. It varies depending on the power of the original enchantment. I believe the maximum is 5 extra gems. At low levels, you might only be able to add 1 extra gem. I describe the weapon "on hit" level elsewhere in this forum. Each extra gem adds to the "on hit" level. The progression is 1d8, 2d8, 2d12, 2d12 plus 1d8 of extra "on hit" damage, 2d12 plus 2d8 of extra "on hit" damage, etc. The "on hit" level is the total number of d8s from the base and "on hit" damage dice, with 2d12 being counted as 3d8.
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PostSubject: Re: crafting explanation   Sun Sep 14 2008, 11:22

Link to the on-hit posting w/examples:

I've noticed that the Templar Outpost anvil will limit the enhancement you can put on a weapon. Is there a limit that you can add at that anvil, and you can add more at future anvils (outside the Red Dragon Inn)?

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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: crafting explanation   Sun Sep 14 2008, 16:03

All anvils presently work the same. The level of enchantment you add is based purely on your level (to include the extra, "hidden" levels beyond 60). I originally did as you suggest but removed it when I created the new custom weapon scripting. The old system allowed you to add more than one type of gem, because it was based on the 20 point maximum per damage type.
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PostSubject: Re: crafting explanation   

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crafting explanation
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