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 Persistent Chest

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PostSubject: Persistent Chest   Persistent Chest Icon_minitimeMon Aug 22 2016, 20:45

Hey Guys! I've been playing the last 2-3 days pretty consistently and for the most part I've been the only one on lonely haha! Plus if I find some stuff I wanna keep but can't use on the character I am on I can't use the chest to transfer because of the server reset :/. I love the server reset though when it's empty because it reduces lag and the chance of a crash that leaves the server down for a few days until Sarah can get to it. What do you guys think of like a persistent storage chest that goes by player name or maybe cd key? Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just you put the items in, they disappear and are saved on the database or whatever and then you can ask for them back on another guy and it gives them all back? Do you think this would be possible Sarah? It may even be easy to find a pre made system like this and do some minor tweaks to make it work for KT? Anyway just a thought. Of course I wouldn't be thinking it if you guys would come play with me! Lol
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Persistent Chest
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