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 Bug - Reset levels and equipment

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PostSubject: Bug - Reset levels and equipment   Wed Mar 28 2012, 19:28

Hi Sarah,

I reset levels on my max xp pure Barbarian. All appeared well and he kept all his equipment. I logged off before levelling him up and when I logged back on, all of his items that he had been wearing had gone. Items in the inventory were ok.

He managed to lose the entire Barbarian set, plus a significantly boosted Righteous Fury and a rather good ring of resistance

Is this a bug?


Knights of the Round Table

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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Bug - Reset levels and equipment   Sun Apr 29 2012, 03:52

The reset process has always been somewhat flaky due to the underlying Bioware code. They apparently didn't intend for people to permanently lose level, instead they used temporary level drain. When I reset XP to zero, the coding doesn't really know the path your character took to get to maximum level. That's why some classes, like RDD, should never reset.

By the same token, some of the protective scripts I wrote to prevent exploits could affect a character during the reset. For example, if you are wielding an item that you don't have enough levels for, the script will unequip it. If you happen to have a full inventory, like many people do, those items will be force dropped.

Another function triggers when you drop items to see if it was force dropped. If so, the item is destroyed. Back before that script existed, people were farming for special items by killing bosses with the character's inventory full. Every time the boss was killed, the item would be dropped on the floor so the player could do it again and keep getting them. That coding also checks for a disarmed weapon and restores it to your inventory when possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Bug - Reset levels and equipment   Tue May 01 2012, 11:38

The module probably does a check on the level vs. the equipment every time the toon is logged on. If it finds level<requirement, it destroys the equipment (this is better than some servers I played that tell you your toon is invalid and refuses to even log you on!). When you relevel, the module doesn't drop your items into your inventory, probally because the module bases the level on your total xp rather than the nwn level? So remember to unequip the toon when you begin the relevel process, and you won't lost items even you have to log off in the middle of releveling.
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PostSubject: Re: Bug - Reset levels and equipment   

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Bug - Reset levels and equipment
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