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 Hey Sarah: Few things

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PostSubject: Hey Sarah: Few things   Fri Jun 10 2011, 01:58

Not sure if you realize this but we can't post in teh recent update threads for feedback. so...

E3 evaluates The Foundry. Cryptic's modding and development engine.

Quote :
Certain things such as the ability to morph terrain or handpick the stats on loot in your custom maps won’t be in The Foundry, at least not at first.
Massive turnoff for me. I was SOOO hoping to have the same capabilities with Neverwinter's toolset as both NWN and NWNX give us now.

Lead Producer Andy Velasquez talks about The Foundry

Seems there will be no truly persistent worlds as Neverwinter Nights has right now. Only user-generated side-quests that stem out from Cryptic's main (and only) persistent world. *shudders* I had such high expectations.

  • There will be a complete set of standalone content that Cryptic will create for the game.
  • When the game launches, there will be a robust set of tools on The Foundry for players.
  • They're trying to design it to be an easier version of the Aurora toolset while maintaining a high level of customization.
  • They're still trying to work out exactly how much they want to allow users to be able to do with it.

Your custom content will also require submission and rating before being released and playable, and user ratings from then on to decide whether or not it will remain accessible.
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Sarah: Few things   Fri Jun 10 2011, 11:16

If it's just another MMO with some very limited user generated content, I'm guessing it will fail. I have zero desire to help them make money by helping create custom content for their company controlled MMO. Let's hope they evolve to something more closely approximating NWN. As far as I know, NWN is the only swords and sorcery game out there that lets users create their own persistent worlds. That's the only reason I stuck with NWN beyond it's single player adventures. I'm assuming that's what kept a lot of other players around, too. There was something for just about everyone among the various NWN persistent worlds.
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Hey Sarah: Few things
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