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PostSubject: Marketplace   Tue Oct 12 2010, 17:07

Maybe it would be cool to have a place on here to post items for sale or trade or w/e. Just a thought. Might increase the forum popularity too, and you would be able to get in touch with ppl who aren't on at the same time you are. Just a thought.

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PostSubject: Re: Marketplace   Thu Feb 10 2011, 15:42

This might possibly be the latest reply to a thread in forum history, but I thought I'd get back to you anyway.

We did have a marketplace on the forum a while back. You could buy/sell/trade items, and make off hour requests for others. It turned out to not be as popular as we had hoped. It was on the forum for about a year before we removed it. If there is increased interest in the future I will re-visit the idea with Sarah the DM.

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