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 Shadow Knights

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Phillip Carpenter


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PostSubject: Shadow Knights   Thu Sep 30 2010, 23:44

even without clarity the shadow kn ights are causing blindness always... but only for my monk... who has the feet that gives immunity to mind spells...
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Knights   Sun Oct 03 2010, 02:35

The error is in the original Bioware script that determines immunity to mind spells. The hard coded saving throw script returns type 2 (mind immunity) for blindness on a character with clarity, but Bioware's MySavingThrow function changes it to type 0 (failure). Since it's supposed to be an immunity, the module doesn't even bother to roll a saving throw. Failure is automatic.

I hope to find and fix these problems in the next update.
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Shadow Knights
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