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 Lifting of max limit on toon experience banking

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Phillip Carpenter


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PostSubject: Lifting of max limit on toon experience banking   Thu Sep 23 2010, 22:24

This may be listed somewhere else but since I just signed up and I am ADD I don't want to read everything before I comment... That said.. I have been around for four years.. I am a retired navy vet.. You have known me as Boats, Theodoric, Darken Rhal, Cold Steal, Cleaver, Lumpy Wally, Ward, Beaver, Isiah, Malichi, and a few others that I just don't remember.. Oh ya I was adopted by the Adams clan and had a toon named Lurch..

That said.. a few years back the crimsons had all their loot go to exp.. I remember chatting with Sarah and he said he would have to drop the max exp bank per toon to lvl 40 because folks were just burrning through to lvl 60 so fast and banking the exp.. I under stand that.. but now the crimsons do do that. I talked to Sarah a week ago and suggested that the limit be lifted and that we be aloud to bank to max.. He said that would be ok but that there would have to be a penalty like 10% like on the rebuilds.. That sounds great to me.. I have 3 60's.. 2 are trash.. I have rebuilt one 3 times.. another is an RDD that I can't rebuild and that will never make it in Hell.. so I am looking forward to being able to bank him.

The reason I posted this is so that Sarah will not forget our chat.. And so that other's will be informed of what is down the road.\

That be it..

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Lifting of max limit on toon experience banking
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