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 Abyss Knights

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PostSubject: Abyss Knights   Mon Sep 06 2010, 18:38

These bloody monsters seem to be Overpowered. First of all, None of wizard spells work on them except IGM's. Even that is 50% absorbed because of 50% magic damage immunity. I remember when i used to go to D16 i could hit them with negative energy burst/ray. But now they magic resist it. They do have blind aura that cannot be resisted/made a save to avoid being blinded.

The way Abyss Knights are now are even better and stronger than Abyss Lords.
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Abyss Knights   Tue Sep 07 2010, 12:41

Thanks. I'll take a look and see what's wrong with the Abyss Lords. They are supposed be be stronger than the Abyss Knights. To avoid the blinding aura, don't use Clarity until after the next game update. The Bioware saving throw script has an error that causes automatic will save failure if you have mind immunity. If you don't have Clarity, you'll be able to roll a saving throw and likely make it.
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Phillip Carpenter


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PostSubject: Along the same line   Sat Sep 25 2010, 14:14

The shadow knights in D10 are still causing blindness when using clarity. But you need clarity so you don't go running screeming for your mommy when you see a mummy.... just saying
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PostSubject: Re: Abyss Knights   

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Abyss Knights
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