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 Spells that haven't been changed

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Spells that haven't been changed Empty
PostSubject: Spells that haven't been changed   Spells that haven't been changed Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30 2010, 20:07

Silence- increase its duration a bit. Increase spell resistance DC? Caster is affected by this spell. Caster makes Spell resistance check each round as long as the spell is activated. (unables affected to cast spells without verbal component, in exchange they gain 100% sonic damage immunity)
Wounding whispers- triple the damage, leave it at the short time duration it is now. as players can easily be immune to sonic damage.
War cry- increase DC of fear and maybe increase duration of the spell
undead to dead- once monster successfully rolls, it isn't affected by that spell... USELESS
displacement- why is it being removed if it shouldn't be
Evard's black tentacles- make it deal cold damage instead of acid damage(if possible as i don't recall it could deal acid damage). Make sure spell cannot be resisted as it shouldn't be.
Incendiary cloud- Fire damage is useful only in D13/14/15(only very few). For that Flame Arrow is much better anyways.
Meteor swarm- make it deal sonic/fire/physical/cold/electric/acid damage (if possible ofc)
Issac's Greater Missile Storm- increase damage a tiny bit. Maximized spell damages half less than empowered spell.
Ball Lightning - increase damage a tiny bit. Maximized spell damages half less than empowered spell.
chain lightning - doesn't work right. it doesn't damage targets like it should. Doesn't damage first target, damages 2nd target and that's it I think.
Time Stop- 8 seconds cast delay. so players can't abuse time stop.

Ethereal visage-
Divine Favor
Aura of Vitality
slay living
spike growth
Infestation of maggots
flame lash
greater magic fang
aura of glory
Scintillating sphere
deafening clang

Basicaly Anything with fire and physical damage is USELESS because a lot of monsters are immune.

Remove the effect that prevents all spell of level x or lower from affecting monsters, if any monsters have that. Replace it with something else. or replace it with glove of invulnerability spell or spell mantles. As they can be removed with spells just that it would require casters to carry dispel spells
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Spells that haven't been changed
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