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 Item Dissapearing

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PostSubject: Item Dissapearing   Mon Aug 30 2010, 19:18

2 days ago, after summer, I logged on to KT and I lost every single item that failed UMD check upon joining server. on every single character that did UMD check for an item. All these characters had beaten mistress just that they weren't 60lvls but were using items from D16.
That there just made me loose most hell gear i had on my characters. There's probably 1 or 2 more characters I have with d16 items but I refuse to join with them as I probably will loose them upon joining.
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Phillip Carpenter

Phillip Carpenter

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PostSubject: Look on the bright side   Fri Sep 24 2010, 01:05

At least you did not have your toon publicly exicuted... Not sure why I was singled out... most of the mod was using UMD to use legendary items... Lumpy was my favorite toon... but anyhow don't want to sound like a whiner... we all knew it was an exploit... and figured there would be a price to pay... Tis life.

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Item Dissapearing
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