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 The Dragon Heritage set

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PostSubject: The Dragon Heritage set   Tue Jul 20 2010, 14:43

This set could be dropped in Dragon Lands or Area 51 whenever it opens.

Dragon Heritage Set

"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

Red Dragon Helm
Base Item: Helm
+6 Deflection Ac Bonus
Constitution +6
Fire Resist 35/-
Spell: Elemental Shield 3/day
Regen +10

Blue Dragon Boots
Base Item: Boots
+8 Dodge Ac Bonus
Lightning Resist 35/-
SR 32
Regen +10

Shadow Dragon Cloak
Base Item: Cloak
Dexterity +4
Charisma -2
Hide +10
Move Silently +10
Spell: Shadow Shield 3/day

Silver Dragon Talisman
Base Item: Amulet
+8 Natural Ac Bonus
Cold Resist 35/-
Sonic Resist 35/-
Regen +10

Gold Dragon Shield
Base Item: Tower Shield
+8 Shield Ac Bonus (+10 vs. Dragons)
Bludgeoning Resist 35/-
Slashing Resist 35/-
Divine Resist 20/-

Green Dragon Ring
base item: Ring
Acid Resist 40/-
Save Bonus: Poison +5
Spell: Mestil's Acid Sheath 3/day
Regen +10

Black Dragon Gloves
Base Item: Gloves
Negative Resist 35/-
Skill: Knockdown
Strength +6
Skill Bonus: Discipline +10

Set Bonus
Strength +6
Dexterity +6
Constitution +6
Intelligence +12
Immunity: Mind Spells
True Seeing
+10 Deflection Ac Bonus
Magic Resist 35/-
Regen +20
Save Bonus: Universal +5

Separate but "part" of the set, like Sword of the Spirit and Ancient sword

Fang of Rainbow
Base item: Scimitar
+15 Enhancement (+20 vs. Dragons and Humans)
Spell: Prismatic Spray 3/day
Magic Damage 2d12
Negative Damage 2d12
On Hit (magic) level 30
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon Heritage set   Tue Jul 20 2010, 20:01

I like the idea..dragon power!
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The Dragon Heritage set
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