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 PP-ing in prison, and other "wrong" things.

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PostSubject: PP-ing in prison, and other "wrong" things.   Mon Jun 14 2010, 19:47

*Mythos clears a spot for GPharaoh to rant in*
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PostSubject: Re: PP-ing in prison, and other "wrong" things.   Mon Jun 14 2010, 20:26

Yeah, you can't even feel safe in prison. But that's the way it should be.

I lost half my inventory because i never thought anyone would be there. Still got most of it back, gems at least. I don't really know if i lost anything valuable like rusty armor. Simply don't remember what Mana had on here. It's been too long to remember what she had in bags Smile

I just wish Sarah would make it so that whenever someone rejoins with negative effect on them, like petrify, Paralyze from hold person. Like when i cast extended hold person on Mythos and relogged onto different toon that could pp, but at that moment Mythos decides to relog and bam, she no longer is paralyzed.

It's been fun getting back at Mythos I wish everyone has a great summer. Enjoy it and I will see you all after summer, probably early in september/ last days of august.
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PP-ing in prison, and other "wrong" things.
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