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 Items not for the faint of heart!

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PostSubject: Items not for the faint of heart!   Wed Mar 24 2010, 20:20

Lets get evil!

Blasphemous Shell
This disgusting looking armor appears to be made from the skin of fallen enemies! Disgusting, but effective.
Base item: Leather Armor
+5 ac bonus
+3 will save
Extra spell slots: Cleric 0-1-2-3-4
Only usable by: Cleric, Evil
Word of Faith 1/day

For your enemies, this wicked curved blade will surely be one.
Base item: Scimitar
+10 enhancement bonus
10 positive energy damage vs Good
10 divine energy damage vs Good
2d12 negative energy
On Hit lvl 16
Only usable by: Evil

Beguiling Helm
This beautiful helm lulls your enemies into a false sense of security.
Base item: Helm
+3 deflection bonus to ac
+3 Charisma
Bluff +10
Power Word: Stun 3/day
Only usable by: Evil

Rancid Cloak
The cloak smells like its been laying around in the sewer for way too long.
Base item: Shapechange cloak --> form of R.O.U.S.
Dexterity +4 enhancement
Strength -2 penalty
Charisma -4 penalty
Piercing resistance 15/-
Slashing resistance 15/-
Stinking Cloud unlimited uses
Only usable by: Druid, Evil

Hand of Darkness
These black gloves radiate a constant aura of darkness. Makes putting them on pretty hard!
Base item: Gauntlets
+2 dexterity
Darkness unlimited uses/day
Only usable by: Evil

Fiendish Blade
Said to have been handed down by the Prince of Darkness himself to his chosen instrument of doom, this blade allows its user to stand strong in the face of overwhelming odds.
Base item: Greatsword
+12 enhancement bonus
6 divine energy damage
6 negative energy damage
6 positive energy damage
2d12 fire damage
On hit level 15
Hellball 3/day
Epic Mage Armor 3/day
Only usable by: Blackguard, Chaotic Evil

Bit O'Evil
Just a wee bit..for now.
Base item: Gloves
+3 attack bonus
+2 strength
6 negative energy damage
On hit level 3
Only usable by: evil
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Items not for the faint of heart!
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