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 What's next?

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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: What's next?   Wed Feb 24 2010, 11:07

So, what should be the next priority on Knights Templar?

D16 Rework
Extreme (post Vile King) dungeons: Elder Dragons and Area 51.
Misty's Tower (wizard only area)
Rogue apprentices.
Crimson Order plot lines.
Enhanced animal companions.
More rogue custom items for workbench.
More unique weapons.
Something else (user suggested)...
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PostSubject: Re: What's next?   Wed Feb 24 2010, 11:28

-Nerfing AoE spells. (reduce damage by up to 20%)

-LG Mages get summons Gold Dragon and Ancient One?? choose either (LG-Gold Dragon & Mummy Lord; LN-Silver Dragon & Ancient One and LE-Ancient One & Black Dragon)

-Nerfing Barb's Rage. ( if im correct pure barb gets like 60 saves?? wfh even pally doesnt have it that high)

-BG Succubus (Umm if someone makes BG they make him just for the summon and go LG because its easier to play LG. Make Succubus evil only)

-Extreme (post Vile King) dungeons: Elder Dragons and Area 51.(How about making this dungeons available only after killing Vile King. What I am trying to say is that that obelisk takes you to a new town(leaving this place would mean that in order to get here you would have kill Vile King and enter here using obelisk each time) from where you travel to a new dungeon to find these 2 portals to these 2 extreme dungeons

-Crimsons Order plot lines.

-More unique items.

-D16 Rework (if you must:))- i like everything here except that place with pit bulls on the first map because they don't give a loot so its a waste of time fighting them.

-Vile King is really weak now. He isn't challenge anymore. (well maybe its just me as i know how harder he was earlier ^^> Yeah his summon, hellballs and horrids are deadly but if played well that's nothing to worry about.) It might also seem to me that way because I always travel in a party with my brother so we can cover for each others.

-Merchant's Island
no1 wants to steal/kill so there's no1 to bring justice to;(

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PostSubject: Re: What's next?   Wed Feb 24 2010, 15:44

How about a guild system? I remember Rahl being very powerful on DX2 but they were balaced out by some other guilds and individual players like WAR, Mara, and Darksky. Guilds bring competition and the human factor to the server in addition to the man vs. machine hacking. Some benefits can be given to guild members to encourage participation. It can be a one-time gold/item or special ability.
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PostSubject: Re: What's next?   Wed Feb 24 2010, 20:31

Outfitting Merchant Isle. I've been waiting ages.
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PostSubject: Re: What's next?   

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What's next?
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