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 i miss KT alot

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PostSubject: i miss KT alot   Wed Feb 10 2010, 20:25

hey guys didnt know where i should post this so i figured this was just as good as any other place. lol. just wanted to say that i miss playing kt alot. i miss my friends. but i lost my oems so i cant install Sad im in the process of trying to get a new set of numbers. i hope to be back soon. ne one have a extra set i can use? that would be so awesome lol
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PostSubject: Re: i miss KT alot   Fri Feb 19 2010, 00:24

Hi Pugz

I've not been around much either .. especially since (as the GF is into WoW) I've finally .. after almost 2 years .. installed the WotLK expansion. Ah well!

One thing I have done when I've installed NWN (& SoU & HotU) is go to the NWN web site
logged in and gone to
..which you can browse to under the left menu through:
My Account
Edit My Account

Scroll down a bit and look on the right-hand side of the window, and you'll get to a link where you can (securely) upload your NWN (SoU, HotU) CD Keys.
Then if you lose your manuals (or wherever you had them originally) you can get your CD Keys back.

Maybe you did this years ago and had simply mislaid that memory??

Either way -- good luck out there Smile

- Peter
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PostSubject: Absence makes heart grow fonder   Tue Aug 10 2010, 15:14

We miss all the players that have left, So glad that Kt has not left us, so when we can come back it will still be here for us
Thank God for KT.DX

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PostSubject: Re: i miss KT alot   

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i miss KT alot
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