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 Pdk, bard, monk and Pm

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PostSubject: Pdk, bard, monk and Pm   Sun Feb 07 2010, 16:45

Here is a list of changes which would be nice to see! =)
When being pure and having like 100 perform you would get : +10 dodge ac, +15 to all skills, +5 to all saves, +10 divine dmg and +15 divine dmg resistance.
When you get to lvl 20 you become outsider and so you can be turned by clerics/paladins/blackguards which have planar turning. And your perfect self's damage reduction would be +20/20 after killing boss of d15 (Mistress of Darkness?).
Purple Dragon Knight:
Final Stand would give +1000 temporary hp for all party members
Heroic shield, just change the duraction from one round to one turn (and leave the unlimited uses per day)
Inspire courage would give immune to mind spells to you and all your party members and the duraction would be 1 turn X charisma modifier X purple dragon knight lvl
Oath of Wrath would make you immortal vs that opponent, duraction would be the same
Rallying cry would give +3 positivie, +3 magical, +3 divine +3 divine dmg to you and all your party members, duraction 1turn X charisma modifier X purple dragon knight
Pale Master:
Give them all pros of being undead, or remove some cons...Real undead would be immune to lvl / ability drain, immune to mind spells and immune to death spells.
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Pdk, bard, monk and Pm   Mon Feb 08 2010, 08:25

I'll see what I can do and post results in this thread.
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Pdk, bard, monk and Pm
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