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 Twin Swords Set

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PostSubject: Twin Swords Set   Sat Feb 06 2010, 14:56

I recently found the twin swords set and found out thata the set bonus on its own is not really all that great. All it does is give +15 AC, 35 positive energy resist, 35 negative resist, +6 universal save and +20 regen. Most of the other sets on the server give much better bonuses and since sets don't stack there is no real point in using these swords for the set bonus. If there was a way that you could get only the twin swords set to stack with other sets or improve the set to make it much better then it would be a nice set to use. Other than that, the twin swords set doesn't really seem like a set that is worthy of being found exclusively in d16.
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Twin Swords Set   Sun Feb 07 2010, 01:20

It's only a two item set, so the bonus is appropriately scaled. The swords are powerful. Since they don't require other items, you can use a combo of other pieces or put a different set on first. I believe that once you have a set equipped, the sword set bonus won't replace it. So, you can use the swords with another set's bonus and items. That seems reasonable to me.
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Twin Swords Set
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