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 my ALMOST favorite merc

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PostSubject: my ALMOST favorite merc   Fri Dec 11 2009, 18:11

YIPPEE! HOORAY! Ziggie's back, and he's got friends! (Although, if his friends knew what was gonna happen to them in d13+, he might run out of volunteers soon...)

Still, my all time FAVORITE merc was the nice dryad lady I hired to help me with Lord Dire. And did she ever! I tanked for her, and she was doing the major damage. She healed me, twice. That wasn't enough, he wasn't dead yet. He killed me. So this nice lady pauses from laying on the damage long enough to RESURRECT me. In the meantime Dire got by me and started in on her, so I just moved over and kept pouring healing potions on her while she did damage to Lord Dire until he gave up his key. She almost died several times, but eventually we prevailed.

Too bad she didn't last long against the kama chameleons, I was really starting to enjoy her company.
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my ALMOST favorite merc
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