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 Very few lowbie Items

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PostSubject: Very few lowbie Items   Sun Dec 06 2009, 02:53

I've just noted that, as a lowbie, you're subjected to very few items (and even some in higher levels). Here's a small lsit of things that would help, but aren't overpowered.

Belts of Strength
-same req as gaunts of strength
- same scaling as glvoes through +8 at 60

Belts of Dexterity
-same req as gaunts of dexterity
-same scaling as glvoes through +8 at 60

Lesser Medic's Ring (level Req. 1)
- +1 Wisdom
- +5 Heal
- Casts Cure Moderate Wounds 2x/day

Medic's Ring (Level Req. 16)
- +2 Wisdom
- +10 Heal
- Casts Cure Serious Wounds 2x/day

Greater Medic's Ring (Level Req. 32)
- +3 Wisdom
- +15 Heal
- Casts Heal 2x/day

Epic Medic's Ring (Level Req. 48)
- +4 Wisdom
- +20 Heal
- Casts Greater Restore 2x/day

Legendary Medic's Ring (Level Req. 60)
- +6 Wisdom
- +25 Heal
- Casts Greater Restore 3x/day
- Casts Heal 2x/day

Gudmundr's Ring of Strength (Level Req. 20)
- +2 Strength
- +3 AC vs Monstrous Humanoid
- Discipline: +8
- Intimidate: +8

Cloaks of Hardiness: Same as Cloak of Luck, but + to fortitude

Cloaks of Stubbornness: Same as Cloak of Luck, but + to will

Cloak of the Adept: (Level Req. 24)
- +2 Intelligence
- Bonus Spell Slot: Wizard 3
- Bonus Spell Slot: Wizard 4
- Bonus Spell Slot: Wizard 5
- Bonus Spell Slot: Wizard 6
- Spellcraft: +10

Nuli wrote:
The Five Fingered Discount
"and I want to see, what's on sale whats for free
(every time I go to shop I steal from) enemies
who steal from me, and from you
(if only you knew, then you would steal too)"
+2 Dexterity
+5 Pick Pocket
+2 Hide
+2 Move Silently
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Very few lowbie Items   Tue Dec 22 2009, 20:23

Some of the items are implemented in the next update. However, I intentionally didn't make multiple items with similar ability bonuses. That's why you won't find belts, helms, rings, and gloves of dexterity. Rings stack, so they are especially dangerous. Since very few immunities exist, it's important to keep skill and ability points to reasonable levels. Thank you very much for the suggestions.
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Very few lowbie Items
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