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 Epic mummy spell

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PostSubject: Epic mummy spell   Mon Sep 15 2008, 14:30

Hmmm seems to me that caster really lose out if they aren't evil they can't make use of the epic mummy spell? Shouldn't good or other alignments get a similar spell to epic mummy?

Seems all my casters are evil so they can make use of the epic mummy spell.
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PostSubject: Re: Epic mummy spell   Mon Sep 15 2008, 17:03

Well there aren't any epic summons for the lawful good out there, they do gain access to lots of helpful spells

* Battletide
* Circle of doom
* Flame strike
* Healing circle
* Monstrous regeneration
* Raise dead
* Slay living
* Spell resistance
* Summon creature V
* True seeing
* Banishment
* Blade barrier
* Control undead
* Greater dispelling
* Greater sanctuary
* Heal
* Planar ally
* Summon creature VI
* Undeath to death
* Destruction
* Greater restoration
* Regenerate
* Resurrection
* Summon creature VII
* Word of faith
* Aura versus alignment
* Earthquake
* Fire storm
* Mass heal
* Summon creature VIII
* Sunbeam
* Energy drain
* Implosion
* Storm of vengeance
* Summon creature IX
* Undeath's eternal foe
* Cure moderate wounds
* Dispel magic
* Greater magic weapon
* Magic circle against alignment
* Prayer
* Remove blindness/deafness
* Cure serious wounds
* Freedom of movement
* Holy sword
* Neutralize poison

I'm curious to see if the KT mod has custom scripts that do not allow evil characters to use Cleric/Paladin based spells.

Sarah the DM,
Have any alignment specific spell scripts been implemented that not allow chaotic/evil characters to use lawful/good type spells?

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PostSubject: Re: Epic mummy spell   Mon Sep 15 2008, 20:12

Sarah has already incorporated into the module penalties to folks using necromancy spells. Every time you cast a necro spell your aligment shifts 1 towards evil. It would be interesting to see if your suggestion would work, for instance making it so evil clerics/paladins are completely unable to use any spell with the "cure" keyword (light wounds, serious, etc) and the spells heal and mass heal. Maybe a shift in good alignment for clerics for casting cure spells would be appropriate? Or maybe spells which have effects related to alignment could somehow be linked to your alignment (weaker the further removed you are from "pure" aligment (i.e. when you have a specific alignment title). I dunno..interesting thought tho.
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: Epic mummy spell   Mon Sep 15 2008, 22:58

Epic summons for lawful good? Try Dragon Knight. The dragons get progressively stronger all the way up to the point where you beat the Vile King (if you are so lucky).

As for alignment affecting spells, it's a good idea but I've got enough scripting already planned to keep me busy for months. My current plan is:

Finish the custom weapons for the new weapon scripts.
Finish Merchant Isle, to include a lot of custom item modification scripting.
Fix the guilds (major project here).
Add in the two special legendary dungeons, Dragons and Area 51.
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PostSubject: Re: Epic mummy spell   Tue Sep 16 2008, 14:01

The epic dragon is ok but he is a pain in the ass. Often he can't get thru narrow places and when you are fighting and trying to run around you are always clicking on him by mistake (sometimes a deadly mistake).

Unless you are in an open area he really loses a lot of his usefulness.

The mummy is where its at. Other than fire he holds up well and can go any where you go.
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PostSubject: Re: Epic mummy spell   

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Epic mummy spell
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