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 d14 tweaks

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PostSubject: d14 tweaks   Mon Nov 23 2009, 18:47

sorry Sarah, d14 was a disaster for my fighter. I know I died over 25 times in Nosferatu's chamber, there were body bags all around the entrance by the time Gramma helped me get the key. He could kill me in 3 hits, going from 1340 hps to -88 in 2 rounds. The only damage I saw him take was from positive and fire, I'm sure he's immune to anything else. If you try to maneuver, you die, either from traps or from summoned vampires that come if you move into the room to far. If you don't move, you can't see, and die. If you take damage and drink a potion, attacks of opportunity, you die. I only had one fire crystal, it hurt him, not enough, he wasn't hurt when I got back. Acid, cold, electric crystals didn't hurt him, nor did scroll of destruction. I had to go back to d13 twice to re-level to 60 so I could equip gear.
Yes, I know this sounds like whining, but at the time I had to keep reminding myself that if I lost my cool and deleted everything I'd have to start all over at the beginning for the fourth time. Sad
About the tweaks I was gonna suggest: make the monster spawn points 1.entering d14, and 2.entering second area, a little further from the entrance so a person doesn't get mobbed on entering. As is, if you have a merc, he charges out and gets splattered rather instantly the way it is. Also, it would be good to have the boss' chamber greatly enlarged so that it is not simply a meat grinder. I can understand your frustration with the previous version where a spell caster could dispose of Dracula with little personal danger, but the updated boss chamber is hardly an improvement.
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d14 tweaks
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