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PostSubject: :Changes:::   Fri Oct 30 2009, 22:48

Sarah the DM wrote:
I returned to the original KT concept, which is to keep feats, skills, and spells effective.
Personally, I think that the most effective way to do that would be removing Damage Immunities from all monsters and replacing them with Damage Resistances up to 30. Why do i say so? That way if you are str based, you deal more damage than someone who went dex. This would make sneak and critical hits more effective as well.

Blue Toad: 100% electric immunity, +/- 30 physical, cold, fire, acid, sonic, +/- 15 magic, positive, negative, divine
Green toad: 100% acid immunity, +/- 30 physical, cold, fire, electric, sonic, +/- 15 magic, positive, negative, divine
Red Toad: 100% fire immunity, 50% cold vulnerability, +/- 30 physical, acid, sonic, electric, +/- 15 magic, positive, negative, divine
Black Toad: 100% Negative immunity, 50% Positive vulnerability, +/- 30 physical, cold, fire, acid, sonic, electric, +/- 15 magic, positive, negative, divine

Special case with damage immunities for EPIC Dungeons like d16, Zero world, Dragon lands and bosses.

This limits on hit unique power damage but it's a good thing. I would add up to 30 damage resists because if it was more than 30 it would probably affect casters too much as they don't rely on unique power on hit to deal damage. Probably with it unique power on hit damage would have to be slightly reduced? because with 25 on hit its average 110 elemental on hit. Limit it to average 80 from unique power on hit.

With damage resists implemented it would be nice if there was a gem that could add 2d12 or 20 damage to the weapons that already have unique power on hit. In this case maybe another NPC or maybe the ones in d13,d15,d16 could have this option and it would cost 10mil for 2d12 and 20mil for 20. This would allow cash to have better value on KTx2. i am sure we all know that cash has no value right now. If players trade items its either for gems or item for item. This would make cash a bit more valuable. Maybe make it so that you can't find no weapon with +10 enchantment. Players would have to pay for extra upgrades.

Another thing is AoE spells. They are useless because you can't stack them... Its not that you can't stack the same spells, you can't stack different aoe spells in the same area. First of all AoE spells in NWN deal really low damage. How much is it? 30damage in one round? you can hit 400 damage in a round with a weapon right now.
I have played on pvp server and they made this nice idea... AoE spells had time delay before another one could be used. 10-15seconds for AoE spells. Time Stop should have cast time delay as well, right now you can abuse time stop and kill players and monsters as well. I would suggest 40 secs time before you could cast another Time Stop.

It seems that you can't dispell True Seeing even with chunk of meteorite. True Seeing should be limited to 2x uses a day if on an item because this spell is really powerful. In pvp or pk, its enough to have 2 or even 1 use a day of True seeing from an item. If true seeing was changed so it could be dispelled and player can't cast any more true seeing you may OSHA out of combat. Like when i was against chunk of meteorites and was arguing that it shouldn't work on players I was told that to OSHA out of combat if i get dispelled that way.

There is more stuff that could be made for better. I would appreciate if players made their suggestions in this topic so we would have one topic for stuff that could be improved for better.

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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: :Changes:::   Fri Oct 30 2009, 23:14

I don't think damage immunities are a problem. Players already seem to be doing pretty good damage against the monsters, and it would take a long time to redo the monsters...again. KT has well over 300 unique creatures. Please provide specific reasons why the current damage system needs to be changed.
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PostSubject: Re: :Changes:::   Fri Oct 30 2009, 23:51

EDIT: I didn't mean to implement that to all monsters. The ones up to d12 are done perfectly, if not near perfect cheers
I just meant to the ones in higher dungeons, starting from d13 i think. Damage immunities break balance. Dexer can deal as much damage as str based one as well as wm with x4 multiplier. With this it doesn't matter what you play. All of them deal the same amount of damage and I don't think that's right. Certain classes and builds should deal more damage, other ones should have more ac, different ones will have higher saves than others.

well i was thinking this would make skills, feats more effective. This way, dexer would do much less damage than a str based one but would in exchange would have more AC. I know how much work it would be. But at least removing physical damage immunities would make skills more effective, with that alone its not much of work for all the monsters. That damage resists could be implemented only for EPIC areas like d16, dragon lands and zero world. I think it would give a nice essence to the play.

There's another thing i forgot to mention and would solve some issue you're not happy with. Limit armor ac to +9 and increase shield ac to +9. Limit angel's buff ac to +9 as well. This way player's wont reach this high ac. Dexers with angel's buff and 20 dodge ac could get 94AC. Well dodge AC Doesn't help if you tank few monsters at the same time because you're flanked and you ALWAYS loose Dodge ac bonus, even 4 from haste. That high number is only on the characters sheet and helps when fighting one on one.

Dexer with +9 shield and +9 robe would have 8 less AC as well as any melee's. Monks have higher AC penalty because shields would now have +9ac. While Monk AC Bonus from wisdom modifier can't be reached that high. With 20 wisdom +12 from items spells, you get 11AC. That is if you can somehow get +12 wisdom and Dexterity. Otherwise monks will have less AC than others.

My Str based cleric/bard/rdd can have 94AC wearing full plate with angel buff and +20dodge ac (with bard's song or 3 undeath's eternal foe). No str based character except palemaster can get that high AC. Just that i loose 20dodge ac and 1dex dc if i am flatfooted. Ac stays that high only if i fight one on one. in the case of +9 shield, +9 heavy armor, and +20 dodge ac (with bard's song and 3x undeath's eternal foe) i finish with 84AC. My cleric can't have more than 5 undeath's eternal foe. If i could stack aoe i would start using Storm of Vengeance but right now i can't cast it with battletide and silence.

Speaking of silence spell. I just remembered one thing. Could i have it so that silence doesn't affect the caster? i can't cast it on me if i don't have spell resistance spell. Otherwise i am silenced and can't cast no spells. Monsters easily dispell silence even if they are affected by it because they can still cast greater dispell or mord on the ground dispelling my auras;/
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PostSubject: Re: :Changes:::   Sat Oct 31 2009, 17:00

Just some thing's i've noticed in my time here:

Melee-Str characters are so far overpowering to every other build, it's rediculous. Even a tri-classed Righter/Bard/RDD beats a pure 40 fighter (contrary to what server says)

A tri-classed Fighter/Bard/RDD will own a Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Druid, Shifter, AA, Monk, Dexer, Rogue, etc, any day, no matter how pure. There's no way any of them can compete with Damage output, HP, Immunities/resists, and Even AC. Most monks have a lower AC than a fighter class with full-plate and tower-shield. That isn't right.

Spells, while they have been improved, are less effective than priginal NWN because monsters are so geared towards being beaten by melee... (low AC, low physical DR, huge exotic/elemental immunities, as well as misc immunities preventing disabling spells).

Many melee builds can get the same buffs as High-level casters, thanks to potions.

There's far more melee-build gear compared to decent spell-caster items.

Pure-class bonuses are exaggerated. While I see spell damages increasing, the DCs dont increase with monster saves, rendering most damage spells useless (Improved Evasion on so many monsters.......). I've seen nothing gained from going Level 40 Fighter compared to Fighter 28, Bard 2, RDD 10.

So many 'strong' builds are nerfed. Clerics can't go Cleric 39-Monk 1 to pick up an AC bonus, as their spells are nerfed. Arcane Casters or Bards can't take PM, you become hated. All the more reason to go with a Paladin or Fighter/Bard/RDD.

Spells are nice early on, but in later dungeons it takes 4-5 spells to kill one monster. When you use a summon, and get 3-4x more spawns, you dont get 3-4x more spells. Can anyone say "RUN!!!!"?

Monsters hit way too hard for low-con builds to survive. The 720 HP Melee can hit the monster more often, KD it, take its hits, and absorb more damage than the 240HP caster, whose armor gives less resistances/immunities, whose spells fail more than the sword, and whose summons are a detriment.

Just some things I've noticed and my 2 cents.
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PostSubject: Re: :Changes:::   Sat Oct 31 2009, 20:29

Improved Crafting System:

- On Hit: Unique Power 16 limit,
- Player can upgrade their weapon 5x,
- Player may choose either to upgrade On Hit Power of the weapon or add additional type of damage,
* additional Damage types are 2d12 and 20: cold, fire, electric, sonic, acid, negative, positive, magic, divine,
- Keen for any sharp edged weapons,
- Wounding effect for Whips, (just wondering about this one and maybe something for bludgeoning type of weapons)

There is 16 dungeons (D1-16) Increase of 1 after beating dungeon, starting from On Hit 1 ending with 16 after beating Vile King. Beating Dragon Lands and Zero World doesn't count towards higher On Hit: Unique Power .

Players may choose to either upgrade their weapon to 21 on hit or add additional type of damage or a little bit of both as long as it's 5 times upgrade per weapon. This will give some essence to what weapon you choose. A scythe will be more effective if you add additional damage types instead of just increasing On hit to the limit, but a longsword would be more effective with maximum on hit.

Pirate Island smith could upgrade weapons to 2d12 damage: cold, fire, acid, electric, sonic, negative.

Merchant Isle could upgrade 2d12 damage: positive, magic, divine and 20 cold, fire, acid, electric, sonic, negative

D16 blacksmith could upgrade 20 damage: positive, magic, divine.

The Elemental types of damage would cost the same gems that are used for upgrading On hit. Craft Weapon affects chance of success as well. So there's a chance of wasting money if a player fails at upgrading weapon.
Add Drow's Stone found in d15 ONLY(allows to add 2d12 damage of exotic type).
Add Demon's Eye found in d16 ONLY(allows to add 20 damage of exotic type).

All upgrades would cost the necessary gem + cash.
- 5 mil to upgrade On Hit (total of 25mil to upgrade weapon's on hit 5x),
- 5 mil for 2d12 Elemental type,
- 10 mil for 2d12 Exotic type and 20 Elemental type,
- 15 mil for 20 Exotic Type.

I think i did it in details to explain and give my suggestion regarding crafting system.
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