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 Names and Quotes

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PostSubject: Names and Quotes   Thu Sep 03 2009, 23:03

Sarah needs a name for an cold but evil white dragon, enter a name here please. Razz

My dragon names....

Dragon name: PYTHIUS: His name mean "to rot"

Shouts:I sense the fear in you, be gone (player name here).

Dragon name: Ice Blast

Shouts: Anyone trespessing into my icy lair will be frozen by my chilling breath
be gone. (player name here)


Ice Dragon

An ice dragon is a unique creature that lives in glaciers. Their wings are very thin and the texture of the wing is like the snow. Its wings reflect the sun when it is flying but it has to fly very high to do that. When its wings reflects the sun the creatures down below won’t be able to see it because the sun rays are going through the wings of the dragon.

When the ice dragon goes hunting it usually freezes its prey alive or dead because it likes it meal to be frozen. It also freezes it prey because it might eat it later. When they hunt for seals and the seals go underwater the ice dragon can go swim underwater for a limited time.

When the ice dragon flies it flies in great speeds. The ice dragons wings are very wide so it can maneuver quickly in great speeds.

The ice dragon is part of the water element family that can do many things with water. The ice dragon can breath ice shards that can pierce through anything. They can create tsunamis because they are part of the water elemental dragons. Also they can create big waves that can appear in hurricanes. The ice dragon can make snow by flying high in the air and freezing it so that the moisture becomes frozen.

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PostSubject: Re: Names and Quotes   Fri Sep 04 2009, 13:13

Fafnir and his brother Regin were sons of Hreidmar. Hreidmar received a large amount of gold - some say it was blood money for the death of another son, others that Hreidmar stole the gold.

Fafnir was greedy. Acting alone - or together with Regin according to version - Fafnir killed his father and stole the gold. He then refused to share it with his brother.

Fafnir then hid away, guarding his hoard jealously. His greed and the fact that he cared more for gold than humankind slowly turned him into a dragon. Some versions of the legend say Fafnir had no control over this change, others that he welcomed and encouraged it.

The hero Siegfried (also called Sigurd) heard of the dragon and Regin presuaded him to slay his brother and recover the gold.

In some versions, Regin tricks Siegfried and attempts to betray him, only to be himself slain by the hero.

"gomez " greed pays in ways we cant see.

"Your worm corpse will make me tingly inside"
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PostSubject: Dragon Name   Fri Sep 04 2009, 17:45

Ajatar - Scandinavia Mythology

Ajatar is mostly of the mean sort. Is said to be allied with the devil and disease. Some claim Ajatar is the devils mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Names and Quotes   

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Names and Quotes
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