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 To Admin!!

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PostSubject: To Admin!!   Thu Aug 20 2009, 11:38

Hi there!!

I start play kt a few time ago,and i went in vacation for a few time when i return to kt i notice i have all mi charīs deleted :S only mi mule toon was there :S

i lost all mi stuff on the other charīs can u tell me why pls??


Mi acc name is :ChampionZe
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Sarah the DM

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PostSubject: Re: To Admin!!   Fri Aug 21 2009, 04:30

I think you lost your other characters because you were using some special characters in your character names. I am flagged when this happens, because the server file names get messed up.

There's a discussion on here about character naming. Please be sure to use only normal letters and numbers, or you will possibly have your characters automatically deleted. Sorry.
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To Admin!!
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