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PostSubject: De-Leveler   Tue Mar 31 2009, 19:08

Would it be possible to have a de-leveler? Two reasons would be to do it.
1) I like to help others through certain areas with a special built char with special gear. Works best if I can party with them, but that requires the char losing XP often which takes a lot of dying. Plus would be a nice reward for the role playing of the char if I could transfer the XP to another char.
2) People make mistakes Leveling in the heat of action and mess up chars. Sometimes something sounds good but is not. Both of these mean a char redo, whereas with a de-leveler the char could be corrected very quickly.
I am thinking of an option through Celesti, where the XP would go to a player's pool.
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PostSubject: Re: De-Leveler   Wed Apr 01 2009, 15:04

I think you being able to "donate" xp to the Celesti would be a great idea. That way you get to decide how much xp you want to drop your toon by to delevel or fix without deleting the character. However I think there should be a limit because this could be exploited to deposit lots of xp with one character to add to another.

I can think of two possible solutions for this:

1. Have the maximum number of times you can "donate" xp be something like 3 times
2. Have a script to have the "donated" xp be only usable by the character that donated it that way it is a deleveler for both the purposes Gotlieb has descibed.
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