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PostSubject: Solution:Maps?   Fri Feb 13 2009, 16:42

Warchief wrote:
Would it be possible to put the server on a timed reset so that it resets at least once everyday? If that is possible that would be great considering Knights Templar has been getting really laggy lately and it seems that after the server resets the lag is much calmer.

First off, let me say I like the concept of scheduled resets.

The only downside to resets is the fog of war that rolls in, erasing previous exploration and discoveries. This is little problem to experienced players who sometimes know the areas like the back of their (virtual) hand. But frankly it's irritating to step into an area I've been to many times before with the same character and see nothing as if I'd never been there.
On the other hand, I really like fog of war for new chars and undiscovered areas. So my suggestion goes something like this: the bosses of each area are in control, so they know what's going on, so they would probably have a map, right? And if you can wrest their key from their cold, dead fingers why not their map? But if the purpose of the map is to prevent fog of war from coming back, you wouldn't want the map on the first try, because that might reveal areas you haven't explored just yet. So to get the map of the area, you'd have to break the bosses' knees a SECOND time to persuade him/her/it to hand over the secrets to the kingdom.
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Tyler Steele

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PostSubject: Re: Solution:Maps?   Fri Feb 13 2009, 17:15

use a vision charm, u can buy them from marty, it shows you the whole map of that area
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