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 Mage Spells

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PostSubject: Mage Spells   Mon Feb 09 2009, 18:36

I have noticed that Mage Spells that cause lightning damage have not been tweaked for higher level with the exception of Lightning and Chain Lightning which are fairly useless at higher lvl since a successful reflex save(without evasion or Improved evasion) negates the spell. Would it be possible to change some other lightning spells so that Mages arent as useless at higher level. Some ideal spells to change would be: Scintillating Sphere to do the same thing as fireball, Ball lightning to do an effect like Isaac Greater Missle storm, and have Great Thunderclap do Sonic damage so that mages have a sonic damage spell. Just a few ideas to make mages a little more appealing to play since there are many monsters at high level that are immune to most elemental damages that a mage can use to good effect.
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Mage Spells
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